Should You Consider Using Rugs in your remodeling project?

rug-1088557_640People who are in the remodeling mood often need to realize that they don’t always have the best ideas if they are not going to stay in their homes for at least five years or more. In other words, it is not always the best thing to think that remodeling your home on a regular basis is the process if you are thinking of selling in the next year or so.

It is not a given that remodeling your home is going to be a prime factor in selling it. Or to put it another way, if your home is worth $250,000 in a neighborhood with other homes that are priced around that figure, you probably will not gain if you install a $100,000 kitchen.

By the same token if you have certain personal tastes, your ideas of great carpeting may not fit what the current trend is in floor coverings. Again if you are thinking of selling anytime soon, you should discuss using rugs with the home remodeler to be sure that you are going with what is popular, rather than sticking to your tastes.
A person may love their bright red carpeting throughout the house, but the odds of selling the house right away are probably slim and none with the carpet being that color.

In the real world, it is not the spectacular makeovers that move homes anyway. It is the simple things that get the attention of erstwhile home buyers. It is the new backsplash or new hardware for the kitchen cabinets, as opposed to an entirely new kitchen makeover that will open prospective buyer’s eyes and be a real incentive for the buyer. The bathrooms and kitchens are what prospective buyers notice first, and some simple and less costly makeovers can do wonders in that category.

Having kitchen carpeting has become less and less popular simply because of the upkeep. It is a fact that food gets spilled in kitchen areas, and it is also a fact that tile or hardwood floors make it much easier to clean kitchen floors. While it is just fine for most homeowners to have the rest of the home in carpeting, the kitchens do better without the carpet. For flooring makeovers and¬†kitchen construction in philadelphia, Cottage Industries don’t typically use carpet nor recommend it. Their recent clientele have been swayed by the modern trends of hardwood flooring.

If the trend in your area is headed toward the modern feel, with simplicity being the norm, don’t go overboard on a traditional makeover with lots of fancy frills, if your goal is to sell within a few years. Get some help in making any makeover decisions, as an experienced interior decorator will keep up with the current trends, or else they will be out of business.

Some people just have the eye for the makeover thing, but most do not. Decorators see homes day in and day out and for the most part, they really know what works when it comes to selling a home based upon its current state of affairs.

If the current trend for kitchens is a big, open kitchen with lots of counter space, and your kitchen is tiny with no counter space at all, then perhaps a remodel of joining your present kitchen area with an adjacent room would be just the ticket. But first be sure that your factor in the cost with what you feel would be the new selling price of the home. Sometimes the investment doesn’t justify itself in a current real estate market.
You have probably heard that putting in a swimming pool never pays for itself when it comes to selling a home. And the answer to that proposition could be framed as, “It just depends.” It would be fair to hold to that concept in Minnesota, where the swimming season is very short, but in Phoenix, it may just be what will move a home off of dead center.

If the home in Phoenix is in a neighborhood where nearly everyone else has a pool, then the installation of a new pool might be the “it” factor that moves the home. Floor coverings or no floor coverings can be a deal maker or breaker too. The trend in recent years has been to go with hardwood floors, and the technology in this area has been amazing. But, once again if you are thinking of installing them just to sell the home, make sure you really do a close evaluation with your remodeling people and the realtor to see if it makes sense financially.